What is Behavior & Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Behavior Therapy refers to strategies that use conditioning, learning, and psychology to help reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior. Using an interactive and cooperative approach between you and the therapist, Behavior Therapy helps you change or eliminate problem behaviors with innovative strategies. This behavioral shift changes the way you think and feel—the better the behavioral change, the more positive your thinking and the healthier your emotions.

Whether you suffer from procrastination or disorganization, obsession or compulsion, fear or phobia, depression or anxiety, problematic relationships or communication skills, or simply an unwanted habit—Behavior Therapy teaches you new ways of automatically dealing differently and more effectively with life’s problems. In so doing, self-esteem, happiness and the quality of one’s life increase.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) focuses on the role of dysfunctional, automatic thoughts (or cognitions). The way we think will always determine our emotions—or the way we feel.

Our automatic thoughts or perceptions, if unreasonable, obsessive, misguided, or unrealistic, will cause certain feelings like: anxiety, fear, uncertainty, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, self-doubt and depression. These negative emotions or feelings can be painful and paralyzing giving rise to unwanted behaviors like: anger, lack of confidence, being judgmental, detachment, compulsiveness, bad habits, nervousness, panic, and shyness, to name a few.
CBT helps identify your negative, distorted thinking and beliefs, and replaces these thoughts and beliefs with rational, adaptive, functional thinking. This results in new feelings and adaptive behavior making it easier to cope and feel happy. The difficulties of your life become more manageable and the quality of one’s life increases.

Whether you learned, at some time in your life, to behave or think in certain ways that are now presently problematic, The Center for Behavior Therapy, located in Westchester County can help you to make the necessary changes that will make you feel better.